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Did you get compensated from the COP15 mass arrests? Then you can donate it to and/or become a member of a new solidarity fund that seeks to cover expenses attached to future tickets handed out by law enforcers oppressing demonstrations.

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The Climate Collective is a broad network of people and groups working to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Our unified points include a clear anti-capitalist stance in the climate debate, supporting
real solutions to climate change and taking radical action now to confront the underlying causes of climate change.

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Climate collective condemns police criminalization of demonstrations

Oct. 17, 2011 10:54 a.m.
Climate Collective

The desperate attempt by Danish police to justify their illegal arrests of thousands of people during the climate summit in 2009 is an attack on the right to protest and a breach of justice.

Nearly 2000 people were preemptively arrested during the Climate Summit COP15 in December 2009. 250 people complained about the preemptive arrests and the behavior of the police. The court agreed with the protestors that all mass arrests during the summit were illegal and held that the protestors had the right to compensation. The police appealed the verdict and are now trying to justify their actions two years ago by investigation the background of all the people arrested.

The climate collective believes that Danish Police are turning the justice process on it’s head. It is inappropriate and dangerous for a police force to arrest someone without a reason, and then to search peoples private lives and backgrounds for something to justify that arrest.

More troubleing still is the ’evidence’ of supposed wrongdoings that they have presented from claimants backgrounds. What the police are presenting in court is any contact the claimants have had with the police, from biking without lights to being a police liasons during demonstrations. They have also used private details such as facebook activities and facebook friendships.

The idea that minor past infringements or facebook friendship circles could justify arresting someone is ludicrous. But the criminalization of past involvement in demonstrations is a direct attact on the right to protest. The fact that police are attempting to build a case around this so called evidence exposes the negative view Danish police hold of demonstrations.

The climate collective believes that right to protest is an important part of any democracy. We condemn the police actions and hope that the court upholds the cliaments right to due compensation.

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