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Did you get compensated from the COP15 mass arrests? Then you can donate it to and/or become a member of a new solidarity fund that seeks to cover expenses attached to future tickets handed out by law enforcers oppressing demonstrations.

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Information om hydrolic fracturing (fracking), skifergas og den fossile energi økonomi generelt. Ressourcesider om fracking fra hele verden og lokale nyheder om de eksisterende og kommende fracking operationer.

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The Climate Collective is a broad network of people and groups working to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Our unified points include a clear anti-capitalist stance in the climate debate, supporting
real solutions to climate change and taking radical action now to confront the underlying causes of climate change.

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Danish National Court rules mass arrest to be illegal!

Jan. 25, 2012 6:31 p.m.
Climate Collective

The Danish police broke the law when they detained thousands of climate protesters on December the 12th and four other dates during the COP15 in Copenhagen. The National Court of Denmark confirms the ruling of the City Court of Copenhagen and declares all five mass-arrests during the COP15 illegal .

In addition the court ruled that article of the European human rights convention was violated on December the 12th as the police degraded and mistreatted the arestees. Thus compensation of up to 9000 Danish Kroner should still be awarded to the ones who filed complaints in due time. All in all the Danish police will be handing out compensations in the millions.

Anyone who were preemptively arrested during the Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, but never complained, should contact the Danish legal group RUSK. Then there might be a possibility to get compensation as well, even though you were not part of the lawsuit. Email kontakt@rusklaw.org (please specify name, address, nationality, and date, place and time of the arrest).